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Our personalized medical transportation 
services give you independence.

Medical Transportation

You’ll never have to remember a medical appointment again or worry about how you will get there and back. Home Health Care Resources Corp. provides transportation services for all types of medical related appointments. Get there on time, every time, to your doctor, therapist, rehabilitation center or pharmacy. We can drive your car or if you don’t own one, we can provide a driver with a car. Feel free to travel again when you need to without depending on public transportation, Uber, or on friends and family.

Personal Transportation

Everyone deserves a day out, no matter what age you are or what your current health condition is. That's why we offer personal transportation services; to get you to and from a personal gathering or event. Maybe it's a family outing that you would like to attend or just a night out to dinner with your friends. You may even want to attend church or get dropped off and picked up at an airport. 

These personal transportation services are allowed for and covered by certain health insurance plans. Contact us today to find out if your plan covers transportation  services.

Greater Quality of Life Through Personal Transportation

Personal transportation provides the ability to continue with weekly activities. Transportation services greatly improves a person's attitude and confidence. This has been proven to lead to greater overall quality of life and decreased recovery times when care is provided in-home after operative procedures. Sometimes all someone needs to remain independent at home is a little extra support.

We service the following counties:

TRANSPARENT Florida Counties Map.png
  • Charlotte

  • De Soto

  • Sarasota

  • Lee

  • Collier

  • Hendry

  • Palm Beach

  • Martin

  • St. Lucie

  • Okeechobee

  • Indian River

  • Brevard

  • Orange

  • Osceola

  • Seminole

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